Prius Intelli Orthophotography - Founding & History

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Prius Intelli Founding

Forming a startup in the throes of a pandemic might at first seem like a bad idea. Cofounders Hunter Herren and Josh Vinyard certainly heard that from friends and associates…

But they realized their idea was too good to postpone because it was a breakthrough into affordable aerial imagery for a variety of industries in need, the timing might actually be perfect.

Prius Intelli Orthoimagery

Prius Intelli Orthoimagery

With their experience in aerial photography and drone technologies, Vinyard and Herren had seen standard methods of topographical data gathering were either too time intensive (sending a group of people to swarm across a site) or was too old or lacking in detail (satellite imagery) to provide value in the current market.

Those two options also created a service gap in the industry. Sending hordes of people was accurate but costly, and using satellite data was cheap but inaccurate with limited resolution. The most accurate firms had baseline prices starting as high as $30,000, which squeezed out most small clients.

The pair’s drone experience showed them that aerial photography using piloted aircraft fitted with high resolution cameras would create important economies of scale. That would allow Prius Intelli to provide industry users with exactly the information they needed at an affordable price.

GIS & Advanced Analytics Solutions

In addition to providing aerial data with no minimum purchase, Herren and Vinyard wanted to include AI-based deep data analysis in order to become a single source provider.

“We created this business to give operators better insights to their assets,” says Vinyard. “But because we started in the midst of a pandemic and a major per-barrel price drop, we quickly saw an entirely new business case for us – helping our customers operate with more efficiency.”

“Our key market areas, which are companies across multiple industries, are trying to either cut cost, operate more efficiently, or grow in this market.”

Herren adds, “We are passionate about our work and look forward to letting people know how we can help them use aerial imaging to take their business to the next level. We have accurate imagery, comprehensive solutions, and we offer all of that at an affordable price.”
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