Free GIS Data Hosting & Streaming

Prius Intelli’s free GIS data hosting and on-demand streaming saves time and eliminates uploading headaches.

“Being able to access big image files on-demand and stream the information directly into my GIS software is a big selling point. Every other company I’ve worked with just hands over the data, and I’m stuck uploading files. Prius Intelli frees up my time to work on my core responsibilities.”

Lee Davis, Director of Technical Services

WhiteWater Midstream

Instantly Accessible Data

At Prius Intelli, one of our core business objectives is ensuring project data is instantly accessible and in its most usable format so that our clients can derive the highest value possible.
FREE GIS Data Hosting and Streaming
That’s why we offer free GIS data hosting, data streaming, and seamless API integration with our clients’ internal servers with each service package. Each geospatial dataset is often sized in gigabytes – thus, each dataset requires massive computing power to store and/or process. With our in-house technology solution, Prius Intelli supplies that computing power to our clients as a no-cost add-on. In doing so, we have leveled the playing field, allowing clients of all sizes to store and stream project data – quickly, securely, and remotely – 24/7, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Multiple Delivery Formats Available for Streaming

“Not every client has access to first-in-class GIS software and server technology, but they could still really use the advantages our products have to offer. We recently worked with a Texas rancher looking to pull his elevation data up on his iPad while driving his land. We provided a link he could click to access his imagery on a web-based map viewer.”

Ethan Sparks

VP of Solutions, Prius Intelli 

Your Partner in Enhanced Geospatial Data


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