Enhanced geospatial data – when you need it.

Speed up workflows, optimize decision-making, and create additional value by leveraging affordable and high-quality aerial imagery in your business.

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How We Can Support Your Business

As a leading provider of up-to-date aerial imagery and GIS services, Prius Intelli provides a full range of services and solutions for a variety of needs:

Up-to-date construction and site monitoring

Get on-demand and interval-based aerial photography to measure progress, confirm requirements and understand the status of your project. Our agile team can deliver quickly and effectively.

Accurate pre-survey route planning

Plan effectively with the most up-to-date information. Our incredibly accurate aerial imagery helps you identify obstructions or land issues before deploying any survey crews.

Expert data verification

Our work allows you to verify third-party work on company assets. So you can avoid costly surprises and spend less time behind the windshield.

Detailed orthophotography and mapping

Get top-down orthoimagery taken during peak daylight hours. We provide geospatially-accurate images of the land surface area at 1-6 inch resolution, available in one to 1000 square mile increments

Informative elevation-based data

Leverage our elevation data and its derivative products to answer terrain related questions. This provides for a better understanding of the topography, including elevation, slope, watershed and runoff analysis.

Solutions & Services

We offer a wide range of geospatial solutions, based on your needs. Explore our range of professional and data intelligence services:

Orthophotography Services

Orthoimagery delivers a geospatially accurate representation of your chosen area. High-res orthoimages are crucial for many mapping and assessment projects and an incredible value.

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Advanced Aerial Data & Analytics

Aerial image analysis data helps change detection operations and general monitoring. We offer machine learning solutions to make data collection and analysis easy and scalable.

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Digital Elevation Data

Our experts offer digital surface models (DSM), digital elevation models (DEM), and other elevation-related products. Our data is created using photogrammetry and is informed by quality aerial imagery.

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GIS Services

GIS maps are a crucial resource for companies in energy, environmental protection, insurance, and real estate. Get accurate, high-resolution maps at an incredible value from our expert team of GIS analysts.

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Meet Prius Intelli

With almost 15 years of experience, Prius Intelli has expertise in advanced technology, imaging, and manned and unmanned flight. Our mission is to bring high-quality, accessible, accurate imagery and technology services to you and your business.

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