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Speed up workflows, optimize decision-making, and create additional value by leveraging affordable and high-quality aerial imagery in your business.

Solutions & SERVICES

As a leading provider of aerial imagery, Prius Intelli provides a full range of services & solutions in a variety of industries:


On-demand and interval-based
imagery to measure progress, to
confirm requirements and to
understand status.

Pre-survey route planning

Identify obstructions or land issues before deploying any survey crews. Plan effectively with up-to-date information.


classify problem spots from hq

Verify third-party work on company assets. Avoid costly surprises and spend less time behind the windshield.

orthophotography and mapping

Top-down imagery taken during peak daylight hours. Available in one to 1000 square mile increments. Geospatially-accurate images of the land surface at 1-6 inch resolution.

Artboard 6
Elevation Data
Digital elevation data and derivative products useful in understanding topography and answering terrain related questions.

Absolute Game Changer for compliance

“Prius Intelli imagery is an absolute game-changer for complying with regulations, especially during a cost-sensitive time. I can’t not use this stuff, it is great!”


Second to None Image Accuracy

“Conducting land surveys by foot is inefficient and time-consuming, which is where the value of working with Prius Intelli really shines. The quality and accuracy of their aerial imagery is second to none. Their geospatial services team provides highly experienced GIS and mapping services, which compliments Prius Intelli’s imagery collection capabilities.”


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aerial imagery of a work site

We offer a wide range of solutions, based on your needs.


7 Best Ways to Use Orthoimagery

While aerial photography provides bird’s-eye images of the surface, orthoimagery takes it a step further by combining it with the benefits of enhanced maps. From pipeline development to real estate valuation, many industries depend on this accurate, up-to-date...

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How and when to use manned aircraft aerial imagery, drone or satellite

Vertical imagery used for GIS purposes is mostly done from one of three vehicles: manned aircraft, UAVs (drones) and satellites. Although each has its unique value and purpose, the precision of data that can be captured and the costs associated should be considered when deciding your needs. But, it’s not necessarily an either/or situation.

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Prius Intelli, a Fort Worth based aerial imagery and technology company, is building data products and solutions to address the challenges confronting companies navigating difficult markets in a time of digital transformation. We are doing this in two ways.

First, we offer high-resolution, high-accuracy aerial imagery at an affordable price. Any company from a small startup to a multi-national syndicate can utilize our imagery to make quicker, better informed decisions without having to step foot on the ground. 

Second, we offer a GIS PaaS (platform as a service). This allows companies to outsource the complicated data intelligence behind this imagery and get exactly what information is needed to make decisions. Our team of GIS specialists work with you to fit the platform to your specific needs to ensure you are set up for success. 

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