Prius Intelli – a leader in aerial imagery companies.​

We are a Texas-based aerial imagery company dedicated to serving businesses in need of accurate, high-resolution, high-accuracy, and high-quality aerial photography and data-driven GIS solutions – at an incredible value, in volumes affordable for any company.

Prius Intelli - A Leader in High Resolution Aerial Imagery Companies

Prius Intelli has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of aerial imagery companies, establishing itself as a true leader in helping entities of all types and sizes make smarter data-driven decisions.

To remain competitive––and increasingly regulatory compliant––industries need timely, high-quality, and affordable location intelligence. Location intelligence in the form of aerial imagery is most useful when it is high resolution, recently captured, and cost-effective enough to allow data collection across even the largest and/or most remote Areas of Interest. These qualities are what allow the information to be leveraged to its maximum potential. Satellite resolution is often too low, or the imagery is too outdated for most businesses to derive meaning. Drones do not provide scalability to be cost-effective.

Prius Intelli offers a game-changing alternative.

We collect data with fixed-wing aircraft, delivering impactful high-resolution imagery and geospatial intelligence, quickly, at a price most businesses can afford. Because we are 100% streamlined and operate an “on-demand” business model, the imagery isn’t captured until we have a full understanding of how the data will be used, what resolution is needed, and any other specific project requirements.

It’s details like these that allow our manned air fleet to capture the exact intelligence needed, essentially in real time, and deliver it in a timely manner in a multitude of different formats. Our objective is to ensure the data is instantly accessible and in its most usable format so that our customers can derive the highest value possible – with no GIS expertise required.

A Leading Aerial Imagery Company

Prius Advantages At-A-Glance

  • Full-service, on-demand aerial imagery, remote sensing, and geospatial data solutions.
  • Proprietary internal order and API software delivers frictionless order management​.
  • Proprietary sensor configurations produce high-quality data at a lower cost​.
  • In-house GIS experts assist with data manipulation and analysis.
  • Each Prius Intelli product and/or service package includes complimentary geospatial data hosting, data streaming, and seamless integration with existing internal customer servers.

“In the coming years, [fixed-wing aerial imagery] is likely to find extensive use to support town planning, energy exploration, and homeland security applications as well as to manage environmental or climate changes.” –, April 21, 2022

Whether it’s for oil and gas exploration and development, pipeline management and compliance, urban planning, or environmental analysis, Prius Intelli’s aerial imagery solutions offer unparalleled precision and efficiency. Our continuous innovation around sensors, software, and industry-specific solutions​ consistently delivers the answers our customers need to overcome their biggest challenges. Moreover, we believe our commitment to customer satisfaction, reliability, and approach to data-driven decision-making solidifies our position as a frontrunner among aerial imagery companies.

Prius Intelli is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and serves customers throughout the Lower 48.

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