Our purpose, in a nutshell

We are building data products and solutions to address the challenges confronting companies navigating today’s volatile market. We’re doing this in two primary ways:


we offer high-resolution, high-accuracy aerial imagery at a price and quality not previously offered, in volumes affordable for any company.

Our Business

The field of aerial imagery and GIS data intelligence is booming, as more and more companies experience the efficiency of collecting wide swaths of intensely accurate and current land data by air. Until recently the only workable alternative required the expense and delay of sending contingents of people to survey an area on foot. This could cost tens of thousands of dollars, takes weeks, and in most cases still lack the deep analysis required for many projects.

. . .

Prius Intelli (First to Understand) was formed in March of 2020 with the goal of applying its decades of aerial and data experience to maximizing workflows, optimizing decision making and creating additional value by affordably gathering high-quality aerial imagery for a variety of industries. They offer expertise in offering solutions for the oil and gas industry and other sectors. 


Those solutions include highly efficient processing of data into usable form through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create actionable reports. 


To acquire the highest quality surface imagery possible, the company uses advanced, custom-made cameras capable of capturing visual images down to four inches, allowing object recognition of equipment, surface elevations and even plant life. 


Thermal imagery can pinpoint leaks from pipelines, orphaned wells and other sources that would cost much more to find through ground-based procedures. This type of environmental assessment is becoming crucial in EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) increasingly required by regulators and good governance.