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What resolutions do you offer?

We sell 10cm/4in RGB TRUE ORTHOMOSAICS as a product. We can’t sell our raw collected imagery, because the raw image format is proprietary and requires further processing.

Do you collect better than 10cm data?

We have done testing for prototype projects. We don’t offer it as a standard product but if you have something in mind, let’s talk.

What is your accuracy?

We will be within 3 feet of ground accuracy, but we expect to be even better than that. We’re conducting 3rd party accuracy tests and will have a report outlining our true accuracy.

How fast can you collect?

Typically, we say within two weeks. We can prioritize based on your urgency, and turnaround as soon as three days, but it depends on project size and our availability.

How much imagery can you collect?

We collect on average 100 square miles per day, but this depends on many factors like the season, weather, and geographic area.

What areas do you collect imagery in?

We typically collect imagery in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, with the hopes of offering standardized imagery capabilities in other geographic regions soon. We have flown our aircraft to other areas, so if you have a project outside of these states, we’d be happy to discuss it further.

How long does it take to receive my order?

We have an internal SLO (Service Level Objective) of less than 5 business days.

Do you own your airplanes?

Yes, we do. We control the aerial imagery process from beginning to end.

Do you produce your orthoimages in house?

Yes, we control the imagery process from order to delivery.

How high do you fly?

It depends on the job, anywhere from 3,000 feet to 8,000 feet.

What kind of airplanes do you have?

We use high-wing Cessna aircraft.

What kind of camera do you use?

We use a proprietary camera built by Panasonic that is typically used for industrial inspection.

Are you looking for methane leaks?

It’s in our product roadmap and we are exploring the various ways to build a great product that would be able to detect leaks. Download our use cases document here.

If you don’t see your project idea on that document, please reach out.

Do you take thermal imagery or any other kind of imagery?

It’s in our product roadmap and we are exploring the various ways to build a great product that solves this problem. Check out our use cases page here.

How can we get the imagery?

There are two main ways to get your imagery. Either a downloadable link, where the image would live on your computer, or a streaming link, where your imagery would be hosted on our servers and you would have access to it. We will have a blog coming soon diving deeper into this, but feel free to reach out to if you have more specific questions in the meantime.

How is using a fixed wing aircraft so much cheaper than drones?

Drones have limitations that aircraft don’t have. Some states limit drones to line of sight, making drone imagery more costly and time consuming.

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