Midland County GIS & Aerial Imagery Services

Oil & Gas GIS Mapping

Accurately assess potential drilling locations, plan access routes for rigs and supplies, manage pipeline compliance requirements, and more.

Orthophotography Services

Enjoy high-resolution, geospatially accurate representations of your areas of operation – exactly how and when you need it.

Digital Elevation Data

Leverage up-to-date GIS data to answer terrain-related questions, including elevation, slope, watershed, and runoff patterns.

Aerial Data & Analytics

Monitor change, measure progress, confirm requirements, and understand the status of your project from the comfort of your desk.

Serving Midland County & the Wider Permian Basin

Midland County GIS mapping and aerial imagery from Prius Intelli provide Permian Basin Operators and midstream companies an efficient, cost-effective way to monitor and manage operations and activities, including compliance with regulatory demands. Geospatial (GIS) data derived from aerial imagery is of particular use in pipeline classification studies, surveying land for exploration, assessing environmental impact, ensuring safety compliance, planning operations, and more.

How Our GIS Services Work

Prius Intelli’s GIS data capabilities are driven by the best in aerial imagery, and we are revolutionizing the way industries across America do business. We provide custom solutions to a wide range of customers, including oil and gas operators and pipeline companies in Midland County and across the Permian Basin. In addition to our proprietary sensor configurations that produce high-quality data at a lower cost​, our in-house GIS experts utilize artificial intelligence to help your operations and compliance teams maximize your data’s value.

Our services are available on demand, which means you get the data you need – exactly how and when you need it.

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