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Advanced aerial data analytics with aerial photography

Keeping up-to-date data sets for large project areas can be a challenge. With our aerial data services, you can get a full picture of your worksite, starting with aerial imagery data collection from our fixed-wing aircraft. We then deliver aerial data analytics and solutions to provide you with the up-to-date and detailed information you need to make informed decisions across your operations.

Our expert aerial and vector data can be used to:

  • Create models and ongoing datasets.
  • Enjoy an instant, highly visual understanding of the structures you deem important. Learn more about planimetric mapping here.
  • Make pivotal decisions in change detection operations and proactive monitoring.
  • Implement machine and deep learning solutions to make data collection and analysis easier and scalable.

Advanced Aerial Data Example Use Cases

Planimetric Mapping & Datasets for Easier PHMSA Compliance

Our turnkey Structure ID service combines aerial imagery with planimetric mapping and structure classification. GIS datasets are provided that produce verifiable – and repeatable – results for population density analysis.

Elevation Surface Modeling & Change Detection to Support Cut/Fill Calculations

Mining companies can utilize elevation modeling and change detection techniques to monitor volumes of surface materials that have been removed (or added) to better understand their operations.

Elevation Viewshed Analysis for Optimal Tower Placement

For the telecommunications industry, view shed analysis aids in selecting suitable locations for towers, ensuring optimal signal coverage, minimal interference, and compliance with local regulations.

Why work with Prius Intelli?

We understand aerial data analytics.

As an Esri Bronze Partner, we work with ArcGIS and Esri platforms to ensure our clients receive top-of-the-line data solutions. Coupled with our high-quality aerial photography, our GIS analytics expertise helps our clients solve real-world problems and enjoy measurable advantages over their competition.

We know what matters.

At Prius Intelli, we provide quality analytics, unparalleled service, a dedicated team, and extreme accuracy. When you choose us as your analytics solutions partner, we take the time to understand your project and goals. Because we operate “on-demand,” your imagery isn’t captured until we have a full understanding of how you plan to use the data, what kind of resolution you need, and any other specific project requirements.

We deliver exactly what you need at a price most companies can afford.

We know that high minimum spends can make utilizing large imagery and analytics services impossible for some companies. We have no minimum spend. We will fly a one-acre project to one covering hundreds of thousands of acres. We can deliver the imagery as a standalone product or deliver highly sophisticated datasets derived from the imagery. Our modeling and analysis are done 100% in-house, helping keep costs down while ensuring 100% quality control.

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