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As a leading provider of aerial imagery, Prius Intelli provides a full range of services & solutions in a variety of industries.

RGB Orthoimagery

Orthoimages provide the benefits of both aerial photography and maps, giving a bird’s eye view with the element of scale.

The constantly changing conditions in the world around us highlight the importance of having an accurate, up-to-date understanding of the environment and it’s resources. Orthophotography delivers a geospatially accurate representation of your chosen area; a map to what’s there now to help you get where you’re going.

Orthoimages provide the foundation for most public and private GIS systems and is crucial in many mapping and assessment projects.


Advanced Analytics

Keeping up-to-date data sets for large project areas could be a serious challenge before aerial imagery solutions. Now, you can use aerial imagery services to get a full picture of your worksite property to inform route planning, site mapping, and elevation models.

Prius Intelli helps you take it one step farther when you leverage our imagery to create models and ongoing datasets. Data collected from image analysis can be pivotal in change detection operations and general proactive monitoring. Implementing machine learning solutions makes data collection and analysis easy and scalable. 

Digital Elevation Models

DEMs provide a digital representation of the surface of a selected area, informed by elevation data.

Our Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) provide you with an enhanced view of the land where your projects are housed. Prius Intelli offers both digital surface model (DMS) and digital terrain model (DTM) services. Our models are created with photogrammetry, informed by quality aerial imagery. 


Gis Services

A comprehensive interactive or static map derived from layers of imagery and geographic data.

GIS maps are a crucial resource for most companies working in energy, environmental protection, insurance, and real estate, to name a few. Unlike a standard map, GIS provides a two- or three-dimensional view of the surface, subsurface and atmosphere in a particular area.

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