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Digital Models We Offer

We offer both digital surface models (DSM) and digital elevation models (DEM), as well as several other informative and specific elevation datasets that enable you to get a full picture on the terrain. With this data, you can support more informed:

Digital Elevation Modeling Services in Texas

Digital Elevation Modeling (DEM) Services

Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) show only the earth’s surface, without any man-made structures or vegetation. These are great when you want a general understanding of the terrain. Use this model in land-use planning like determining surface runoff or elevation changes.

Digital Surface Modeling Services

Digital Surface Modeling (DSM) Services

Digital Surface Models (DSMs) show all information collected from an area. This includes surface vegetation, buildings and other man-made or natural structures. These models are great for ongoing construction and vegetation management.

Digital Elevation Data — At A Glance

Type Description Use Cases File Type*
Digital Elevation Model
Shows only the earth’s surface, no structures or vegetation
Better understanding of the general topography of the ground.
Digital Surface Model
Shows the ground and all objects on and above the ground.
Better understanding of overall height and elevation of everything on the property.
Above-Ground Height Model
Shows only things above ground, shaded by height.
Understand tree density and canopy height, useful for brush/vegetation management.
Stream Network
Lines representing where water/runoff flows along the surface
Understand how water moves across the surface, great for erosion control and water management.
Drainage Basins
Polygons showing areas of water flow/runoff with common outlets (natural divides on the ground)
Know where water in certain areas goes after runoff, as well as the drainages for ponds, rivers, creeks, or lakes on the property. Can be useful for planning the creation of new ponds.
Contour Lines
Lines on the surface representing points of the same elevation.
Know how and where the elevations change in an area. Useful for site selection, pond placement, erosion control, and as a supplement to other elevation layers.
Shows the slope across an area, shaded by angle.
Useful for site selection and planning.

*If you don’t have GIS capabilities to load and use these files, we can provide web browser based maps.

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