With almost 15 years of experience, the leadership team at Prius Intelli has expertise in advanced technology, imaging, and manned and unmanned flight. Our mission is to bring high-quality, accessible, accurate imagery and technology services to you and your business.

Hunter Herren - Prius Intelli Co-CEO

Hunter Herren

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Innovation through technology is nothing new for Hunter Herren. In 2004, he founded Four Cornerstone, a leader in technology strategy and IT consulting which he still leads and operates today.

For 20 years, Hunter and his team at Four Cornerstone have led the way in helping clients use advanced enterprise technologies and processes such as the cloud, data science, artificial intelligence and others to mine their own systems for ways to improve and streamline their workflow, creating new efficiencies and improving their bottom line.

Josh Vinyard - Prius Intelli Co-CEO

Josh Vinyard

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Josh Vinyard brings decades of experience in manned and unmanned vehicles, imaging hardware, and producing high-quality image-based products. Passionate about scaling up the high-quality data collected from unmanned aerial systems (UAS) into the volumes capable of being collected by manned aircraft, he enjoys experimenting and innovating ways to productize high-fidelity data in large-scale volumes.

In December 2012, after working in IT and related technology fields for 13 years, he founded Airborne Integration Group. Airborne Integration Group started consulting with government and industry to develop and integrate systems for safe and predictable flights while collecting data of all kinds. As the Federal Aviation Regulations to fly UAS became more clear, his organization added manned imagery acquisition consulting to their gallery of products and services.

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