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As a leading provider of aerial imagery, Prius Intelli provides a full range of services & solutions in a variety of industries.


Our full range of services support all jobs from planning to post analysis

Construction & Site Monitoring

On-demand and interval-based imagery to measure progress, to confirm requirements and to understand status.

Pre-Survey Route Planning

Identify obstructions or land issues before deploying any survey crews. Plan effectively with up-to-date information.

Classify Problem Spots from HQ

Verify third-party work on company assets. Avoid costly surprises and spend less time behind the windshield.

Orthography & Mapping

Top-down imagery taken during peak daylight hours. Available in 1-1000 sq. mi. increments. Geospatially accurate images of land surface at 1-6 inch resolution.

Elevations & Contours

General use digital elevation models with elevation data for each cell. Useful for: slope, aspect, hillshade, curvature, contour and watershed analysis.

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Our aerial data services and team provide the highest quality imagery and uses for all your images

10 cm rgb imagery example of oil leak on the ground

Orthophotography Services

Orthoimagery delivers a geospatially accurate representation of your chosen area; a map to what’s there now to help you get where you’re going. Our team develops high-res orthoimages that are crucial for many mapping and assessment projects – at an incredible value.

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10 cm rgb imagery example of oil leak on the ground

Advanced Aerial Data & Analytics

Data collected from aerial image analysis can be pivotal in change detection operations and general monitoring. Our team helps you implement machine learning solutions to make data collection and analysis easier and more scalable.

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10 cm rgb imagery example of oil leak on the ground

Digital Elevation Data

The experts at Prius Intelli offer both digital surface models (DSM) and digital elevation models (DEM), as well as many other specific elevation-related products. Our data is created using photogrammetry and is informed by quality aerial imagery.

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GIS Services

GIS maps are a crucial resource for most companies working in energy, environmental protection, insurance, and real estate. Get accurate, high-resolution maps at an incredible value from our expert team of GIS analysts.

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