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Orthophotography Services

Industries like oil and gas, real estate development, renewables and more depend on an accurate, up-to-date understanding of the environment and its resources. Orthophotography meets this need by delivering a geospatially accurate representation of a chosen area – a map to what’s there now to help you get where you’re going. They are crucial in mapping and assessment projects, and serve as the foundation for additional GIS services.

Why Choose Orthoimages from Prius Intelli?

When you use Prius Intelli for your orthophotography needs, our manned fleet personally takes images of your land in real-time and on demand. Then, our proprietary technique delivers high-resolution images with incredible accuracy at an even more incredible value. Finally, your aerial photography data can be delivered in raster (GeoTiff) format or as XYZ, WMS, WMTS, or KML streaming links.

High resolution images

Quick to deploy

On-demand photography

Incredible value

What is an orthoimage?

Aerial Photography

An orthoimage is an image collected using aerial photography that has then been corrected to ensure scale, terrain relief, and tilt are represented accurately.

Image Processing

Getting a quality orthoimage is a mathematical process. Ground points, sensor information and digital models all help inform the geometric elements of this type of image. The final product is likely the result of analysis of several photographs.

Resolution and Scaling

Orthoimage resolution represents distance, with each pixel equaling the same space on the ground. This type of scale allows you to make informed decisions about placement and routes. 

Top-down imagery taken during peak daylight hours. Available in one to 1000 square mile increments. Geospatially-accurate images of the land surface at 4-inch resolution.

Typical Uses for Orthophotography

  • GIS basemaps
  • Engineering and routing plans
  • Asset management
  • Right-of-way mapping
  • Alignment maps
  • Environmental assessment

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