Advanced Aerial Analytics & Data Solutions

Get the expert aerial data solutions you need to achieve your goals.

Advanced Analytics with Aerial Imagery

Keeping up-to-date data sets for large project areas can be a challenge. With aerial imagery, you can get a full picture of your worksite to inform route planning, site mapping, elevation behavior and more.

Prius Intelli takes it one step further with detailed, up-to-date aerial analytics. Our expert aerial and vector data can be used to:

  • create models and ongoing datasets,
  • make pivotal decisions in change detection operations and proactive monitoring, and
  • implement machine learning solutions to make data collection and analysis easier and scalable.

Choose Applied Data from Prius Intelli

When you work with us, you free your GIS analysts from routine tasks like searching for and mapping images so they can focus on critical business judgements.

Easement Data

Plan for access to sewer, water, and electrical utilities. 

Vector Data

Identify boundaries, borders, and streets. 

Centerline Data

Encode road characteristics such as width, direction, and number of lanes. 

Object Detection

Locate and plot objects to support infrastructure mapping, anomaly detection, and feature extraction. 

Change Detection Analysis

Monitor changes over time with layered AI systems. 

Your Partner for Aerial Analytic Services

As an Esri Bronze Partner, we work with ArcGIS and Esri platforms to ensure our clients receive top-of-the-line data solutions. Coupled with our high-quality aerial photography, these programs help us deliver top-notch results every time.

Why Work with Prius Intelli Analytics? 

We know that high minimum spends can make getting large imagery and analytics providers impossible for some companies. Decision-makers may be forced to hire multiple contracts to meet their goals or left with imagery that isn’t being used to its full potential. We also know that large imagery and analytics firms can give off-the-shelf data solutions to clients whose needs might not fit in a box.

At Prius Intelli, we provide quality analytics, unparalleled service, a dedicated team, and extreme accuracy. When you choose us as your analytics solutions partner, we take the time to understand your project site and goals. That way, we’re better equipped to help you meet your company’s objectives and set up an intelligent business model for the future. Why trust your project with anyone else?