Enhanced geospatial data – when you need it.

Speed up workflows, optimize decision-making, and create additional value by leveraging affordable and high-quality aerial imagery in your business.

How We Can Support Your Business

As a leading provider of up-to-date aerial imagery and GIS services, Prius Intelli provides a full range of services and solutions for a variety of needs:

Up-to-date construction & site monitoring

Get on-demand and interval-based aerial photography to measure progress, confirm requirements and understand the status of your project. Our agile team can deliver quickly and effectively.

10 cm rgb imagery showing problem example of house in right-of-way

Accurate pre-survey route planning

Plan effectively with the most up-to-date information. Our incredibly accurate aerial imagery helps you identify obstructions or land issues before deploying any survey crews.

10 cm rgb imagery example of oil leak on the ground

Expert data verification

Our work allows you to verify third-party work on company assets. So you can avoid costly surprises and spend less time behind the windshield.

Detailed orthophotography & mapping

Get top-down orthoimagery taken during peak daylight hours. We provide geospatially-accurate images of the land surface area at 1-6 inch resolution, available in one to 1000 square mile increments.

"Absolute game-changer for compliance"

“Prius Intelli imagery has made my job 100x easier and has been an absolute game-changer for compliance. With their data, we’re able to remotely monitor pipelines for ROW issues or catch leaks without leaving the office. The high-resolution imagery additionally allows us to more accurately target where we’re deploying our resources in the field”

—EHS Director

"The data pays for itself"

“The art of conducting land surveys can be time-consuming, which is where the value of working with Prius Intelli is found. The high-resolution quality of their aerial imagery helps us save time in the field by having our routes planned accurately ahead of time. Their geospatial services team provides web mapping solutions for us, which allows us to access our elevation & 5 cm aerial imagery in the field to stay on time and under budget”

—Senior Party Chief, RPLS

"We thought the data would be cost prohibitive"

“We thought the data would be cost prohibitive due to the quality and once we had our introductory demo call with the Prius Intelli team we realized “Oh, this is great, we can totally do this!” Before we had been using free aerial imagery with no high resolution elevation data that could’ve saved us time from the beginning of this project” 

10 cm rgb imagery showing problem example of house in right-of-way
maned aircraft image of a quarry in south texas
Walmart Lot Image

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Meet Prius Intelli

Prius Intelli, a Fort Worth based aerial imagery and technology company, is building data products and solutions to address the challenges confronting companies navigating difficult markets in a time of digital transformation. We are doing this in two ways.

First, we offer high-resolution, high-accuracy aerial imagery at an affordable price. Any company from a small startup to a multi-national syndicate can utilize our imagery to make quicker, better informed decisions without having to step foot on the ground.

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